Lifan Technology is working together to support anti-epidemic campaign in Beibei District - follow the order, overcome the difficulties together!

Release Time: 2022-08-30

On August 24, 2 new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in Beibei District, Chongqing, and the emergency response to epidemic prevention and control for the whole district was launched. At this time, the mountain fire on Jinyun Mountain in Beibei District had been burning for more than 70 hours, consuming a lot of manpower and material resources. The sudden epidemic had caused a shortage of epidemic prevention volunteers, and it was urgent to support the fight against the epidemic.

"We have to contribute to Beibei's anti-epidemic battel!" After learning about the epidemic situation, Long Wanli, chairman of the Lifan Technology Labor Union, immediately got in touch with the Sanxikou community officer in Beibei. On the same day, a volunteer team consisting of 9 Communist Party members and 10 young employees quickly assembled.

At about 8 am on August 25, 19 volunteers from Lifan Technology came to the Sanxikou community. According to the community's epidemic prevention arrangements, they checked the residents' health codes, nucleic acid test records and registered information. "Please wear masks, line up, keep a distance of one meter, and show the nucleic acid code in advance..." Volunteers working as registrars and epidemiological investigators shuttled through the queue to serve citizens who would take nucleic acid test. When the elderly in the community were unskilled in using smartphones, the volunteers carefully explained how to operate. When some residents became impatient because of the long queue, volunteers did their best to comfort the residents. The volunteers of Lifan Technology worked together with all the anti-epidemic workers with enthusiasm, and built a safety cordon for the anti-epidemic work in Beibei with their own efforts.

In the Lifan volunteer team that went to support the campaign, there were vigorous college students who chose Lifan Technology Group after graduation and became a "Lifaner". In assisting in the work of epidemic prevention, as volunteer workers in nucleic acid testing and epidemiological investigation, they also actively exerted their own advantages. They had to process tens of thousands of epidemiological information and confired them one by one. Under high temperature, young Lifan volunteers used their conscientious, meticulous, patient and determined work to hand in their own answer sheets for this summer's epidemic prevention test in Beibei District, Chongqing.

"Every day I see reports that Chongqing people are united to fight the epidemic, I am deeply moved. As a party member, when I hear the news that the company has set up a volunteer team to help the frontline, I do not hesitate to sign up, hoping to use my own strength to defeat the epidemic," said Xiao Jiahua, a volunteer from Lifan Technology.

Volunteers from Lifan Technology had been busy from 8 o’clock in the morning to  12 o’clock in the evening. When they were thirsty, they took a sip of water and leaned against the wall when they were tired. Under the extremely high temperature weather in Chongqing, sweat soaked the clothes of the volunteers, but none of them complained. There were just the eyes encouraging and supporting each other, which moved and inspired everyone present.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Chongqing, Lifan Technology had fully participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic, actively responded to, strictly implemented the requirements of governments at all levels, and fulfilled its corporate social responsibility with practical actions. The company advocated and encouraged party members, employees and volunteers to actively participate in the front line of community prevention and control, and contributed to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

On August 26, in order to fully support the Beibei epidemic prevention and control battle, Lifan Technology also sent 70 pieces of mineral water, 30 pieces of beverages, and 6 boxes of medicine to the Sanxikou community. The relevant supervisor from Lifan Technology said that the company had made joint efforts to contribute to the campaign, fully supported Chongqing's anti-epidemic work, thanked and repaid the society with practical actions, conveyed the positive energy of corporate responsibility , and all the people from Lifan worked hand in hand with the people in the front-line of epidemic prevention. Let's fight together and overcome the difficulties together!