Camping and self-driving bring"large power bank" in the limelight! Chongqing enterprises are scrambling to occupythe market of outdoor power

Release Time: 2022-07-09

As camping continues to be hot, outdoor power, also called large power banks, is on fire.

A recent investigation by journalists found that not only Huawei and Xiaomi has entered outdoor power market, but also Chongqing enterprises such as Lifan Technology and Shineray had been ready for it. Recently, Alibaba International Station released a cross-border index. Since June, outdoor and consumer electronics industries had seen a relatively large increase in overseas demand compared with May. In the past five years, the compound annual growth rate of outdoor charging equipment had reached 148%. It is estimated that by 2026, the global market will reach 31.1 million units, and China is the main producing area, accounting for 90% of the global output.

According to the report of Zero Power Intelligence Group, the market size of portable energy storage power supply is 21.1 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to reach 28.2 billion yuan in 2025.  Moreover, according to CCTV Finance, outdoor power is one of the fastest-growing categories in emerging industries. Three years ago, it was a very small category. There was only a few outdoor power brands, and the transaction volume was very small. During T-mall "June 18th Shopping Festival" in 2021, the turnover of outdoor power head brands had rushed to the top 10 in the 3C digital accessories industry, with a growth rate of more than 300% in the past three years. JD Business Intelligence data also showed that the growth rate of outdoor power turnover has exceeded 358%.

In mid May this year, Lifan Technology aimed at the camping economy, focused on the outdoor power market, and launched 5 outdoor power at the same time. "It is a very important part of camping." The relevant supervisor from Lifan Technology said that outdoor power was indispensable in the possible scenarios including self-driving travel, camping party, mobile office, aerial photography, emergency disaster rescue, medical rescue, environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping, and even square dancing. Therefore, we will focus on the market segment of outdoor portable power storage, with the expansion of online C-end consumption as a breakthrough point, and expand the layout. In the future, we will also jointly develop extended products related to outdoor power, such as car emergency charging cables, air pumps, car washers, lamps, etc. Similarly, Shineray has also launched the T series portable outdoor power, which can charge mobile phones without wire, and charge fast with USBQC 3.0 and PD, etc.

Industry insiders believe that the recent phenomenon of hot selling outdoor power is related to the recovery of outdoor activities such as "surrounding tourism". The data shows that in 2021, outdoor scenarios will account for 43.6% of outdoor power usage, which is the largest usage scenario.

Industry expert says that at present, the global outdoor power industry is in a period of rapid growth, but generally speaking, the industry has only been formed for two or three years, the industry threshold is not particularly high, and the scale of leading brands is not very strong. Companies entering this field at this time is also to seize the opportunity."Now many brands have joined the mobile energy storage industry. It can be said that a large category has been formed, and the competition in the industry has also intensified. " The above-mentioned experts says that outdoor power brands such as Jackery and EcoFlow are advancing by leaps and bounds. Yoobao, Pisen and other traditional power bank companies have entered the outdoor power industry one after another. Technology giants such as Xiaomi and Huawei have also begun to launch portable energy storage products. With their technology and brand accumulation, they are expected to quickly occupy a certain market share.

Upstream journalist Yan Wei