Camping trend ignites 100 billion new market, Lifan Technology seizes the outdoor power supply marke

Release Time: 2022-06-01

From a floor mat, a sleeping bag, to professional tents and canopies; from picnic barbecues, casual fast food to exquisite coffee machines and cassette stoves; from simply pitching a tent on the grass to exquisite and luxurious "camping+" ... The camping economy is in fierce competition, and camping equipment market valued over tens of billion yuan such as outdoor power supplies has also been in the limelight.Recently, outdoor power merket segment is about to usher in a "new player". The reporter learned from Lifan Technology that Lifan aimed at the blooming camping market, focused on the outdoor portable power storage market and launched 5 outdoor power supplies in one fell swoop.

5 arrows at the same time, aiming at the outdoor power C-end market

The number of people who take part in outdoor activities in China has grown rapidly in recent years, and has now exceeded 400 million. According to data from Zero Power Intelligence Corporation, the size of China's camping market in 2020 is about 700 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate is 40%. It is expected that the market size will reach 2 trillion yuan in 5-10 years in the future. It is estimated that by 2027, the Chinese camping equipment market will reach a scale of US$15.9 billion, with a CAGR of 9.1%.

"Outdoor power is a very important part of it." The relevant supervisor in Lifan Technology said that outdoor power is indispensable in these possible scenarios including self-driving travel, outdoor party, mobile office, aerial photography, emergency disaster rescue, medical rescue, environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping exploration, or even square dancing. Therefore, we will focus on the segment of outdoor power, with the expansion of online C-end consumption as a breakthrough point, and expand the layout.

It is reported that Lifan Technology will launch a total of 5 outdoor power supplies of 300W, 500W, 700W, 1000W and 2000W and a variety of silent AC generators. Outdoor power mainly focuses on 0.3-1kw market, silent AC generator mainly focuses on 2-3.5kw and above market, 1.6kw, 1.7kw, 2.1kw and 3kw open frame AC generators have been mass-produced, 3.5kw development has been completed, and mass production is expected in June . In the future, we will also jointly develop extended products related to outdoor power, such as car emergency charging cables, air pumps, car washer, luggage, clothing, lamps, etc. According to the plan, Lifan Technology will open 2~3 online stores within this year, among which T-mall and JD stores will officially open on 18th June.

Taking the LF300 as an example, it is only 3.3kg and can be easily carried with one arm; it supports 5 output methods and 8 output ends, which can supply power to 8 devices at the same time; it is equipped with wireless charging function, saying goodbye to charging cables, and charging is not limited; it supports solar PV board; it is equipped with MPPT independent software algorithm, intelligently track the maximum power point, and charge more efficiently.

The supervisor said Lifan has accumulated considerable technical reserves in the field of outdoor power. The new energy vehicle and motorcycle industries are highly related to the portable power supply industry. Joint efforts will be made with Geely auto, Lifan auto and Lifan motorcycle on self-driving, motorcycle travel, etc. At the same time, Geely Technology also has the whole industry chain business of the battery industry.

The market has broad prospects and it is time to enter

The meed of outdoor power is rapidly rising in China's consumer market, and the potential market is huge. According to the report of Zero Power Intelligence Group, the market size of portable power supply is 21.1 billion yuan in 2021, and it is expected to reach 28.2 billion yuan in 2025.

According to CCTV Finance, outdoor power is one of the fastest-growing categories in the emerging industries. Three years ago, it was a very small category. There were only one or two outdoor power brands, and the transaction volume was very small. During Tmall “6.18 Consuming Festival” in 2021, the turnover of top brand’s outdoor power has rushed to the top 10 in the 3C digital accessories industry, with a growth rate of more than 300% in the past three years. JD Business Intelligence data also shows that the growth rate of outdoor power turnover has exceeded 358%.
Industry experts said that the global outdoor power industry is currently in a period of rapid growth, but generally speaking, the industry has only been formed for two or three years, the industry threshold is not particularly high, and the scale of the leading brand is not very strong. It is the right time for Lifan Technology to enter this market.