A ceremony held by Lifan Technology (Group) Corporation to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "July 1st" Commendation Conference

Release Time: 2022-07-01

"Respect the party's heart with the original intention, respect the ideal with the oath, and celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements."

On June 30th, 2022, Lifan Technology Group's "Celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and the July 1st Commendation Conference" was grandly held in the multi-functional hall in the group. Zhong Xian ,the Group President, Tan Chong , Secretary of Communist Party Committee of Lifan and more than 200 members from the Group including all the Communist Party members, Party activists and executive leaders of the company attended the conference.

The conference begun with the solemn national anthem.

Tan Chong, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Group, firstly read out the "Recognition of Decision to Commend Lifan Group Corporation's Outstanding Grassroots Party Organizations, Outstanding Communist Party Members and Excellent Party Affairs Workers", and awarded honors to outstanding grassroots party organizations, outstanding communist party members and outstanding party affairs workers.

From 1921 to 2022, history has went by endlessly, while the spirit has been passed down from generation to generation.

Under the leadership of Tan Chong, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Group, all new party members wore the party emblem, raised their right hands, clenched their fists, and solemnly swore to the party flag: "I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China and support the party's program... further remember the lofty mission, major task, responsibility and lofty ideals of the Communist Party of China....ready to sacrifice everything for the party and for the people at any time, and never betray the party.”

To pass down the spirit of struggle from generation to generation,at the moment when the oath was read, the new party members felt extremely excited and honored, and felt as if shouldering new responsibility.
Group President Zhong Xian made an important speech. First of all, she extended warm congratulations to the outstanding party members of the group who worked hard, irrigated the harvest with sweat, interpreted responsibility with struggle, set up a banner of striving for excellence, and made great contributions to the development of the company, and encouraged them to make persistent efforts to achieve better results in future work.

"In the past, the pioneers founded the Communist Party of China, and formed the great spirit of the founding the Communist Party of China, adhering to the truth, adhering to ideals, practicing the original intention, taking on the mission, not being afraid of sacrifice, fighting heroically, being loyal to the party, and living up to the people’s expectation. The source of the spirit of the Communist Party." Zhong Xian said that it begins with belief and ends with struggle -- the hard road of historical progress reflects the unchanging original intention and mission of the Communists. Struggle is another name for all miracles. To realize a great dream requires tenacious struggle and unremitting struggle. The great founding spirit of the party with red as the background color is the precious spiritual wealth accumulated by the Communist Party of China for a hundred years of struggle, and it is the spiritual coordinate to start a new great journey.

She said that under the guidance of the Party's spirit, with the care and support of the Chongqing Municipal Communist Party Committee, the Chongqing Municipal Government, the Liangjiang New Area government and all sectors of society, the Group's production and operation had been back to the right track and had successfully turned losses into profits. In the first quarter of 2022, operating income reached 1.25 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 48.74%, and net profit was 50.85 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 220.54%. As of May 2022, the company had completed the sales of 12,577 vehicles, showing a good momentum of business development.

President Zhong Xian also made a grand layout of the future development for the group. She said that in 2022, the company would focus on development, based on the overall strategic development and the coordination of various business sectors, to open up a new situation with innovation and reform, and to focus on building an industry platform with leading competitiveness and highly recognized by the market. One is to establish Chongqing Livan Auto Co., Ltd. through a joint venture with a development strategy of new energy intelligent power exchange mode, It is expected to be a leader in the new energy market segment in the future and to become a major part in grand automobile strategy of Geely through the introduction of advanced production, research, development, and management concepts and resources. Second, the motorcycle sector adopts the strategy of following overall, leading partly and making breakthroughs on key points, and of transforming to "intelligence and electrification", and is committed to building a world-class motorcycle provider.

People stand up by struggle and enterprises create value by struggle. In the end, President Zhong Xian also placed hope on all the employees of the group, "The past development of Lifan is a history of hard work. During the 30 years of hard work, reform, restructuring, innovation and development, Lifan has gone through trials and tribulations along the way. With bloody struggle and with the unremitting efforts of all party members and employees, we have overcome a train of ups and downs and achieved one victory after another. Taking celebrating the 101st anniversary of the founding of the party as an opportunity, we shall set up the same direction, and make clear the same goal, I wish Lifan to embark on a new journey from a new starting point, and create new brilliance."

Zhong Ming, representative of outstanding party members of the group,Yuan Hong, representative of outstanding party workers, and Jin Daichun, representative of advanced grassroots party organizationsalso made speeches.

Party members had expressed that they would live up to the ardent expectations of higher-level party organizations, guard against arrogance and impetuousness, keep making progress, and prove themselves worthy of the glorious title of outstanding party members with practical actions. They would also inherit and carry forward the fine traditions, demonstrate and create the spirit of the times, be worthy of the red party emblem on their chest, not forget the solemn oath read by in front of the party's flag, obey the party's command, and hand in an answer sheet that satisfies the party.锚点

Finally, the conference ended with the majestic sound of the "Internationale".